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A Tantalizing Taste of Argentina’s Foodie Culture: Stephen Metcalf’s “Cocina Confidential”

November 24, 2009

Photo by Trujillo Paumier

Everyone should curl up with a glass of Mendoza malbec and read  “Cocina Confidential”, Stephen Metcalf’s  travel-writing piece deemed required reading by the New York Times.  It’s a descriptive delight, following Metcalf’s culinary journey through Buenos Aires with Argentine writer Uki Goni and other characters. Readers will learn about parrillas, traditional barbecue joints, and bodegóns, traditional restaurants made by/for immigrants, not to mention the exotic local dishes.  The piece is as entertaining as it is informative – Metcalf weaves together people, places, politics, and a passion for foodie culture masterfully!

Here’s a teaser:

“We tucked in to a set of picadas, or tapas-like dishes — in this instance, fleshy tongue-like slabs of roasted red peppers and provolone and provoleta, a fried cheese dish, while we drank pints of the house-brewed beer. When I dipped my bread in the oily remains of a picada, Guzman smiled. ‘In Argentina, this is something you don’t do in a restaurant,’ he said. ‘But in a bodegón, they don’t care about manners. In fact, they don’t have any.’ ” – Stephen Metcalf