New Private Label from Argentina


According to Sommelier India, one of our neighbors in Mendoza is launching his own private label. Read below about Mike Barrow and Costaflores Organic Vineyard’s new endeavor:

FineWinesnMore launches Private label from Argentina

Mike Barrow, the winemaker from the Costaflores Organic Vineyard in Mendoza Argentina, is the newest member of the FineWinesnMore wine family, reports Craig Wedge, adding, “I have never known a winemaker that doesn’t have a story to tell, yet Mike is one of those who puts a different spin on his views of the world, and fortunately for India, a uniquely different spin on his wines.”

Cradled against the “spine of the world”, the Andes range in South America, this carefully nurtured, organically certified vineyard, embraces the finest attributes of the ancient philosophy of viticultural balance and harmony.

A very special offering from this small producer has been specifically developed for the India landscape in conjunction with FineWinesnMore, its Indian wine partner. Sporting the very different moniker of MTB, Mike Tango Bravo (wherein hangs another tale), the 08 Torrontes and the 07 Malbec/ Petit Verdot blend, essentially sum up why Argentina is fast becoming the wine hotspot of the New World.

Says Craig, “It’s bloody good wine! And now launching around India, to be available in fine restaurants, Five Star Hotels and at your nearest fine wine retailer.”

FineWinesnMore (FWM) is a leading importer, distributor, and marketer of premium wines, spirits & beverages. The company offers a wide bouquet of wines from its 160 varietals, all of which are exclusive to India. In addition to wines, FWM also offers premium champagnes, like Canard Duchene and top quality rum such as Rhum Clement and Sunraysia Five Star Luxury natural Juices.

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