When Wine Goes Viral



A new Argentine Rosé from Fuzion is a stellar hit, but wine critics aren’t certain why. Sure the $7.45 price tag makes it easy to take the risk but EVERYONE is buying it even though the reviews are iffy at best. In Ontario, Star wine critic Gord Stimmell reported 1,000 cases were flying off shelves each day – all without traditional advertising (more on that here). While we definitely prefer a good solid wine, we’re really fascinated by Fuzion’s unprecedented success. Fuzion has viral marketing nail and nailed hard.

Viral marketing is digital-age word-of-mouth. If you think about it, its kind of old school … if your friend says it’s good then you’ll likely try it. I do it, you probably do it, and they did it in the ‘olden days’. In today’s economy consumers are increasingly immune to traditional marketing; so instead of marketing at populations, viral marketing promotes conversation with consumers and encourage feedback. In the U.S., 64% of respondents report that they will try something recommended by a friend. In these days when staying in touch means e-mail or texting, the average U.S. consumer will tell a good experience online to an average of 12 others: a favorite movie to 8.6 contacts: 6.1 people about a favorite restaurant: and 5.3 friends about a favorite wine. Businesses like it because it’s accurate in replication, fast, cheap, allows for detailed tracking, and opinion leader identification. Everyone likes it because it’s personal, often local, and it’s not up in your face with flashing lights and bells and whistles.

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