Fall Update from the Vineyard

la finca ayer DSC_9718

Hand of God Vineyards

We are slowly entering low season and fall.  It’s gorgeous here; the leaves are turning yellow, orange and red – depending on the variety – and the view is simply stunning.  April in Mendoza was extremely warm – it did not feel like fall at all. Average temperatures were the highest in the last decade with average values ranging from 55º F / 12º C (minimum) to 80º F / 26º C (maximum). While we’ve had unusually warms and sunny days, we’ve had a good growing season and the nights are now longer and colder.

The young vines are developing well. We harvested grapes this year but, as expected, the vines are still too young and their fruit lacks mature flavor. We  are now carrying out routine maintenance tasks and preparing the vines for the winter season and pruning. Our first mature harvest is another year away and it’s a hard wait. We believe our first harvest will have a lot of potential.  It is a promising start for our vineyard so stay tuned.

Fall in the Uco Valley

Fall in the Uco Valley

3 Responses to “Fall Update from the Vineyard”

  1. Frank Borges LL0SA Says:

    Who do you have taking your photography down there? Or does it always look this nice with even a point and shoot camera?

  2. staenman Says:

    It’s pretty hard to go wrong even with a point and shoot but these photos where taken by our friends over at the Vines of Mendoza.

  3. Amiri's LookeeBoX Studios Says:

    We love the Fall Update from the Vineyard photo

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